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Benedict Cumberbatch speaks to the TUC rally against spending cuts, 19 Oct 2010. (by tradesunioncongress)

I think this speech by English actor Benedict Cumberbatch should be popularized and viewed more than just over 16 000 times. What Cumberbatch addresses in his speech is a topic that Canadians and Americans must address. Why is funding for that arts being cut? What is the benefit? Who or what will be affected most? And lastly, why is this the perspective that governments have of the arts?

I, personally, am an advocate of the arts. It is important that our governments and society support the arts, because it is an area which is being greatly diminished today. If you think I’m wrong, tell me - why are secondary schools encouraging students not to pursue studying the arts? This is why. We don’t have a guaranteed 9-5 job at the end of the day, and in our society we like that security. And if funding is being cut, more than likely our career opportunities (security) are cut as well.

Females in Advertising (Unilever)

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Discovering Digital Music Pt.3

For a while, I have been searching for other music production programs that are much more advanced than Aviary and MusicShake. Last night I discovered a website called ClubCreate, which allows the public to legally create music to accompany already popular songs. For example, ClubCreate gives the a cappella versions of “Whip My Hair” (Willow Smith) and “Sleazy” (Ke$ha). This website is like a mixture of individual music production and remixing (which I was excited to try, after looking at Dean, Taylor and Sarah’s media project). It is individual music production because the public is able to create absolutely any music to accompany the melody. The public is also unable to cut up  and alter the a cappella vocals. And, it is remixing because the public is altering an already published piece of music. 

On this website, you can create your own unique piece of music, but I decided to take a few popular songs which were available for altering. Unfortunately, the options weren’t fantastic, and I had to settle on Ke$ha and a new, upcoming artist Leaf. 

ClubCreate is incredibly more advanced than the two websites I had used before. And it is a fantastic site if you have no music knowledge. ClubCreate has a vast collection of sounds which are easily laid out when selected.

Out of the three websites used for music production, I think I will continue using ClubCreate. I love the simplistic layout, how it shows the user the layers of music and the collection of music that can be used to create a piece.

Below are links to two of my ~remixes:



‘Y’ers [Those who grew up in Generation Y, born in years ‘82-‘95, approx.] have been described as the Paradoxical Generation, due to their seemingly contradictory approach to life. They drink and take drugs but eat organic food, they are obsessed with technology but fear it is depriving them of deeper personal relationships, they want to get married but resist settling down with a partner.

—Rebecca Huntley, The World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation

BBC — Wikileaks The Secret Life Of A Superpower

The truth about the business of online dating.

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What We Lose When We Lose Video Stores

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I just read this article about thinspo and pro-ana posts now happening on Pinterest. 

This horrifies me.

I’ve always been aware of the thinspo community on Tumblr. But, I was never aware that this was occurring on Pinterest and Instagram. As someone who is recovering from an ED, this is appalling. There is no reason why anyone should feel the need to spread this idea of ~perfection. I understand some of us will never be safe from that feeling of needing to be perfect, but this is absolutely not the way to go about it. I would never subject my thoughts/feelings to others, especially if it is promoting a mental illness. It’s not cool. It’s not inspirational - it’s harmful.

Am I Ugly?

In my media course today (I suppose technically yesterday), we only watched one video from YouTube and it absolutely broke my heart. Apparently there is a phenomenon swarming around the internet for preteen/teens/young women, who are making videos or taking pictures and posting them online asking if they are ugly. I had honestly never noticed this before, but after watching the video I noticed some of my Facebook friends making these posts. 

First of all, I think it is horrifying that girls need to have reassurance about their appearance so they are acceptable to our society.

And second of all, I’m horrified that they are going online to find that reassurance. The internet is filled with assholes and trolls, and I can’t even imagine why these girls would want anonymous individuals judging them based on their looks.

I forget where I saw this, but now this ‘am I ugly’ idea is now connecting/being used in the pro-ana community. I just want to fix it, but I can’t. And that, I think, is why it makes me upset. No one should need reassurance about themselves - we all have our own sense of identity and you don’t need to get approval from others. 

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